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Dodge, Plymouth
Any Vehicle with request price button, may or may not be honored at the price displayed.
With the quantity of vehicles and parts we have available, it is not possible to keep all prices up to date.

Our Part # DescriptionPriceRequest PricePhoto-(Click for more info)
UV08271952 STUDEBAKER TRUCK 100 BLUE VIN# ??????, rusty but all there. Call for Price
UV00301952 CADILLAC 2 DOOR HARDTOP BLACK VIN# ?????? Call for Price
UV02751973? FORD F350 REG CAB PICKUP WHITE VIN# ?????? Tell your Ford friends about this, 352 engine I believe. Call for Price
UV0019GENERATOR with CHRYSLER IND HEMI, PROBABLY 331 CID, be the talk of car shows with this MOPAR powered generator. Call for Price
UV00263 CAR TRAILER 48 FOOT, owned by an employee, some rust, but basically a solid 3 car trailer Call for Price
UV01921952 STUDEBAKER TRUCK BED BLUE1 VIN# ????2 Call for Price
UV00131959 LINCOLN 4 DOOR SEDAN FADED PINK VIN# H9YA Tell your Lincoln friends about this VERY SOLID car. Call for Price
UV00291950-1 CADILLAC 2 DOOR HARDTOP BLACK VIN# ?????? Call for Price
UV01911959 AMERICAN RAMBLER STATION WAGON BLUE VIN# ???? Its all thereā€¦ Call for Price
UV05541966 OLDSMOBILE TORONADO 2 DOOR COUPE WHITE VIN# 396876M Price is for all 3 Toros on this page. Call for Price
UV08221979 OLDSMOBILE DELTA 88 4 DOOR SEDAN BLUE VIN# ?????? Call for Price