AMS Obsolete Hotsheet Listing Page

Hotsheet of Parts for your Favorite Cars

These are Hotsheet lists of the most popular parts for your car or body style.
Click on the highlighted links for a hotsheet of parts for your automobile.
Click here for help on determining your Vehicle's Body style.
A-Body 1960-1962
A-Body 1963-1966
A-Body 1967-1969
A-Body 1970-1972
A-Body 1973-1976
B-Body 1962-1965
B-Body 1966-1967
B-Body 1968-1970
B-Body 1971-1974
B-Body 1975-1978 (inc R-Body 1979-1981)
C-Body 1955-1958
C-Body 1959-1962
C-Body 1963-1964
C-Body 1965-1968
C-Body 1969-1973
C-Body 1974-1978
D-Body 1955-1958
D-Body 1959-1963
D-Body 1964-1966
D-Body 1967-1968
D-Body 1969-1973
D-Body 1974-1975
E-Body 1970-1974
F-Body 1976-1980
J-Body 1980-1983
M-Body 1977-1989
R-Body 1979-1981
Trucks 1972-1993
Truck 1972-1980
Truck 1981-1993

Catalog of Parts for your older vehicles

Download these pdf's that were made by the company we bought out a few years ago, Mitchell Motor Parts.
The Part Numbers are valid, but please ignore the contact information, phone numbers, etc..They are no longer in service.
Click here for pre-1954 Automobile Catalog, a newer, easier to read version was just posted
Click here for pre-1954 Truck Catalog, a newer, easier to read version was just posted

Notice to 1954 and before Customers (especially Pre-War)
We are working on a complete inventory for the next few months or years.
We are keeping a special eye out for parts to fit 1941 and older cars.
There will be Hotsheet lists for YEARS of cars before 1954, coming on this page very soon.

However, due to the fact that these cars often:
  • have been incorrectly restored many years ago
  • have custom built bodies
  • have different part requirements based on the serial number and build location
  • were built with parts on hand, a 1937 mirror may have been installed on a 1939 vehicle at the factory, yet the parts book shows the 'correct' 1939 mirror...
We will be placing these parts in lists based on years or body types. Pictures will be included on the site for each part.
But due to the facts mentioned above, we can not guarantee that they fit your particular car.
You will need to be very careful ordering these parts. Use your parts books, and the pictures on the site.
If you still have a doubt, please email us first