AMS Obsolete Show Schedule

Plain English Company Policies

We are working on a complete inventory for the next few months. Some parts may disappear off the website if we can't find them. More than likely many new parts will appear. Keep looking back.

We are working on putting pictures of all parts on this website, please be patient.

Parts Availabilities
All parts, regardless of whether or not they are still listed on this website, are subject to prior sale. We sell some very hard to find parts at AMS Obsolete and when they are sold it sometimes takes a long time to find more. So when they are gone, they are gone. With over 500,000 part numbers and over a million parts in stock it is not yet possible to have an 100% accurate inventory. We will strive to keep the website accurate.

Pricing Policies
All prices are subject to change. This business is based on supply and demand. Some prices go down, more often they will go up. We will strive to keep prices accurate on this website. All products listed on this website for $0.00 are for information purposes only. If an actual product has a price of $0.00 it does not mean it is free. It simply means that a price was not yet entered, or due to special circumstances it is not currently for sale. We will strive to keep the website accurate.

Parts Condition Information
Show Quality/Concourse Level Parts---If you need a part for a 'perfect' restoration you need to expect to pay more (up to 50% more) for us to find the best part in stock for your vehicle. This takes time. Also, it should be noted that to obtain 100 point level restoration many NOS PARTS WILL HAVE TO BE RESTORED!!.

NOS-----------New Old Stock, part is new AS MANUFACTURED by Chrysler. This does not always mean perfect. 90% of NOS parts have a defect of some type. Parts were not manufactured for the intent of future 'restorations'. Sometimes their quality is poor at best, even when new.

NORS----------New Old Replacement Stock, part is new as MANUFACTURED by a company other than Chrysler. This might be the original manufacturer, selling the part aftermarket. It may or may not have the Chrysler number stamped on it. Part is usually manufactured in that part's time period

Aftermarket---part is new as MANUFACTURED by a company other than Chrysler. Part usually will not have Chrysler number stamped on it. It may look slightly different than the original.

Reproduction--just that, an attempt to reproduce a part in its original design. Some reproduction parts are perfect, some can be differentiated from the original, it depends on the part and the company reproducing it.

Take-Off------technically a used part, but new enough to describe in a different manner. A good example of a common take-off part today is the rear window of a pickup. The customer buys the truck removes the rear window and installs a power sliding window. The removed window is considered a take-off, basically brand new with install marks. However, if the customer waited 2,000 miles that part would have to be considered used because it would have scratches on it.

Used----------Any part installed and used on a vehicle.

Used Parts-and Walk-In Customers
We are set up as a mail order business. However, we do allow customers to pick up parts at our location. Used parts must be pre-paid before they are removed from automobiles. This means you may not be able to leave with the used parts on the day you arrive. Thank you for your cooperation.

Return Policy
If we send a different part than was ordered, of course its returnable, please alert us within 5 days of receiving the part.
If you buy a part by part number (you provided) and its not what was desired, it is not returnable, for any reason.
If you buy a part with a part number we provided, and it is an incorrect part for your car, we will exchange it for the right part for your car, keeping in mind that some very similar looking parts may have different prices.
We will not allow returns because you don't need the part any longer, changed your mind, wrecked your car, sold your car, etc...
Except for defective or mis-shipped merchandise, all returns are subject to a 30% handling charge.
NO COD returns accepted.
NO ALLOWANCE will be made for any shortage or damage unless we receive notification within 15 days stating all particulars.
30 Days only on refunds. Electrical items, special orders, used parts and installed items are non-returnable. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Due to their nature, we can not guarantee the appearance of any NOS part.
DO NOT, under any circumstances return the part, without talking or emailing us first for directions on how to return it.
Email us for a return authorization label at AMS Obsolete

Shipping Costs and Policy
We use a common sense shipping policy. We try to charge the actual shipping costs, plus a little more to cover custom boxing if needed. We realize this is a policy that hasn't been seen in use in a very long time. With the shipping companies changing their charges everyday, it is just not possible to keep an accurate shipping cost in the computer for each item. Most companies charge a 15% charge for postage, which at best is just overcharging you, or at worst you are paying for someone else's shipping.