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1966 1967 Plymouth Dodge B-body Defroster Vent Ducts
Replacement dash defroster vent ducts for 1966 and 1967 B body cars. Mopar 2607398 & 2607399
In Stock!
1934-1956 Dodge Truck VC WC B C series Steering Wheel Horn Button
New Reproduction 1934-1956 Dodge Truck VC WC B C series Steering Wheel Horn Button. Replaces Mopar 590213
In Stock!
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Sub Categories
Group 01 - Accessories
Heater, Radio and Antenna Parts

Group 04 - Parking Brake
Parking brake levers, handles etc.

Group 05 - Brake
Service brake parts

Group 06 - Clutch
Clutch parts

Group 07 - Cooling/Grille
Cooling and grille related parts

Group 08 - Electrical
Electrical parts, lenses, gauges, switches, etc.

Group 09 - Engine
Engine parts including motor and trans mounts.

Group 14 - Fuel
Fuel related parts

Group 15 - Hood
Hood related parts, release cable, hood ornaments, etc.

Group 23 - Body
Body parts, including glove boxes, sheet metal, mouldings, medallions and nameplates etc.
This store sells a small selection of AMS's parts. We stock over 1,000,000 new, used and reproduction parts for Chrysler built vehicles from 1914 to present.
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